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Privacy advice

DutchRisk does not offer complicated legal advice, but balanced, experienced and hands-on support in your privacy approach.

Obviously based on relevant and current legislation and regulations.

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Are you in control?

Following the launch of GDPR (in Dutch: AVG) in 2018 organisations have gone through great efforts to become GDPR-compliant. But is there currently still enough attention for privacy compliance? Has your data processing register been updated recently? Are DPIA’s conducted for all high-risk privacy processes? Are all your privacy processes in the picture? In short: are you really in control?

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How can we support you?

Prepare and/or update your privacy policy

Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

Create and/of update your data processing register

Awareness campaigns (including for example, mystery calls)

Expert advise on privacy related issues

Conducting privacy audits

Our unique approach

DutchRisk does not only have proven GDPR knowledge and privacy management through for example CIPP/E and CIPM-certification, but also hands-on experience in the field of healthcare, SME’s and multinationals. Most importantly, we support you by taking care of practical issues. Not just complicated or legal recommendations but hands-on support based on relevant and actual privacy legislation and regulations.


Did you know that most data breaches that are reported to privacy authorities are the result of human error?

Therefore, it is crucial that employees are aware of privacy risks and their own responsibilities when processing personal data. Awareness is not just a one-time action but is a continual process to ensure attention and care for privacy and information security do not slack.

From awareness to consciousness. DutchRisk can support you with tailor-made awareness programs and privacy campaigns.

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Physical security

Guarding your site with security cameras or visitor registration. For how long may this data be stored? What is allowed and what not in terms of privacy? DutchRisk helps you to achieve a balance between securing your organisation’s crown jewels and privacy compliance.

GDPR compliant

Checking GDPR boxes is easy. But how to translate compliance checks into policies, procedures and results. And how to prevent your privacy targets from being crushed by other day-to-day operational priorities?

DutchRisk supports you with practical advice, routine tasks and (annual) privacy audits.

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Absolute independent

DutchRisk believes it is important to be able to work completely independently and to provide impartial advice.

This means that we can and want to work with external parties, but without any form of commission or compensation.

The interests of our client and therefore a high-quality solution always come first in our advice.

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