The Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) certificate from ASIS International demonstrates knowledge and experience in the field of investigation, case management, evidence and the preparation of reports and testimonials to substantiate investigative findings.

Achieving the PCI certification provides objective evidence of an advanced level of investigative skills and knowledge, including case evaluation and assessment for case management strategies.


DutchRisk offers various programs to optimally prepare candidates for the PCI exam. Candidates can choose from a PCI preparation program that lasts approximately 3 months, a 3-day PCI bootcamp or a tailor-made in-company preparation program.

PCI preparation program

Our PCI preparation program consists of 3 days, over a period of approximately three months.

We start with 2 consecutive review days. During these days we cover all PCI domains, using the recommended study material, supplemented with additional background material, practical examples and practice questions.

Approximately 6 weeks after the review days, a coaching day follow, aimed at deepening the knowledge and guiding participants during the study period.

The final day of the program - another 6 weeks later - is an exam training aimed at rehearsal and preparation for the exam. Candidates are encouraged to take the exam as soon as possible - preferably the day after the exam training.

Tussen de reviewdagen en de examentraining bieden we virtuele Q&A sessies om onze deelnemers te motiveren en coachen tijdens hun studie.

Thanks to our structured approach, participants can start studying efficiently right after the review days. It is therefore not required to read the material beforehand, but may if the candidate prefers.

PCI bootcamp

Our PCI bootcamp consists of 3 consecutive days after which candidates are encouraged to take the exam - preferably the following day.

During the first two days we cover all PCI domains using the recommended study material, supplemented with additional background material, practical examples and practice questions. Finally, the exam training follows with the aim of repeating the most important concepts and preparation for the exam.

Participants are expected to read the study materials before the start of the bootcamp.


In-company PCI preparation program

Our in-company PCI preparation programs are always tailor-made. The program may be set up in the form of a bootcamp, in the form of a regular preparation course, or a combination of both. Contact us for a proposal based on your needs.

Virtual or on location?

We prefer to physically conduct our preparation programs at a (relaxing) location as this promotes interaction. But all programs are also available virtually or in a blended-learning format.

What are the steps to PCI certification?

Check your eligibility

Request approval for the exam through the ASIS-website

Purchase the recommended study material through the ASIS-website

Register for the DutchRisk PCI preparation program or bootcamp

Schedule the PCI exam as per the instruction in the approval e-mail you receive from ASIS International

Why PCI?

The PCI certification validates your ability to gather information through the effective use of surveillance, interviews and other forms of investigation.

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