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Crisis management

Achieve an optimum balance in your crisis response. Let us train and realistically exercise

(virtual or on-site) your crisis management team based on a clear and concise crisis plan.

Wanneer is iets een crisis? 

Een crisis wordt wel omschreven als “het moment van de waarheid”.

On one hand it is a serious threat that might have a major impact on the future of your organization.

On the other hand, it is also a great opportunity to show what the organisation is capable of.

Do you want to train and exercise your (corporate) crisis team in a challenging and realistic way?

realistisch op cyber-, reputatie-, security-, pandemie-, safety-, of continuïteitsscenario’s.

A process

Despite numerous preventive measures, organisations are frequently confronted

with sudden, unwanted and impactful events that can develop into a full


Het opstellen van stapels draaiboeken, die in detail beschrijven hoe iedere potentiële

a crisis under control usually turns out to be futile and useless. More than often these handbooks only confuse crisis teams.

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DutchRisk vindt dat crisisvoorbereiding procesmatig – op basis van business impact – benaderd moet worden.

As a part of this process approach, we train (corporate) crisis management teams on:

Decision-making process


Team conduct

Stakeholder management

Daarnaast helpt DutchRisk je met het schrijven van crisisplannen en -scenario’s. Kort-en-

Hands-on and concise to guide crisis teams in the right direction. Especially during the first, uncertain moments of a crisis.

We don’t confuse crisis teams with stacks of handbooks.

A structural and systematic assessment plus analyses of the relevant and potential crisis causes

relevante potentiële crisisveroorzakers (DutchRisk spreekt bij voorkeur over een ‘top-10 van

crisisscenario’s’) is een goed uitgangspunt voor de voorbereiding op een crisis.

Our unique approach

Our interactive approach creates awareness in crisis management teams and prepares them to be conscious of these pitfalls:

Silo denken (werken in silo’s waardoor de kracht van het crisisteam niet wordt benut)

Assumptions: Taking decisions without (consciously) differentiating between assumptions and facts

Actiestatus (onvoldoende inzicht hebben in de daadwerkelijke status van – lopende – acties)

Stakeholder management: Inability to distinguish and prioritise between different target groups

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"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters.

One represents danger and the other represents opportunity."

John F. Kennedy

Case Studies

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