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Take the next step in your career and follow a CPP/APP/PSP/PCI/CPO certification course and distinguish yourself within the security management field.

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CPP, APP, PSP, PCI-examen voorbereidingsprogramma’s

DutchRisk – until recently in collaboration with European Security Academy – has over 20 years of experience in providing exam preparation programs for ASIS International certifications and IFPO certifications, both within Europe and beyond.

More than 85% of our candidates pass the exam on the first attempt. Our programs focus on the content of the exam domains, but at the same time provide a useful link to practical application of the theory.


De bewezen DutchRisk aanpak ondersteunt de deelnemers bij de studie door een combinatie van reviewdagen, coachingsdagen, online Q&A sessies en een examentraining. Alle onderdelen zijn doorspekt

met oefenvragen.

We prefer to physically conduct the training programs in a (relaxing) location because this promotes interaction. But if required, all programs are also available online or in a blended-learning format.

Since the (international) participants in our programs come from various security disciplines and work environments, students not only benefit from each other's experience, but also from expanding their professional network.

uitbouwen van hun professionele netwerk.

So, take the next step in your career now. Participate in one of our certification courses and distinguish yourself within the beautiful and challenging field of security management.


CPO-examens vinden vanaf 1 juli 2023 alleen plaats via IFPO.

De inhoud en beoordeling van het examen ligt geheel in handen van IFPO.

Security certificering 4

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

Associate Protection Professional (APP)

Physical Security Professional (PSP)

Professional Certified Investigator (PCI)

Certified Protection Officer (CPO) – Review course

Why certify?

Earning a personal security certification is a visible recognition that you have mastered the most important security principles and skills.

It shows that you are committed to the security field and your professional growth within this field.

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