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Security advice

Open where possible. Closed where it must!

Security is een proces en geen product. Samen met jou doorlopen we op basis van de risico’s alle stappen in dat proces.

Security is a process, not a product. However, it often turns out to be too much incident driven.

Daarom is ons securityadvies altijd procesmatig én maatwerk én no-nonsense.

Wij inventariseren, analyseren en stemmen het vervolgens af met de ambitie van je organisatie. Op basis daarvan adviseren we op een manier die je helpt draagvlak te creëren. En we presenteren dat – samen met jou – met overtuiging aan je managementteam of directie.

DutchRisk supports with:

Developing security concepts

Implementing security strategy and policies

Security and privacy risk assessments

Risk and threat analyses

Security audits and certification (e.g. ISPS, AEO)

Security strategy training and workshops

Coaching of security managers

Security advies 3
Open where possible. Closed where it must!
An organisation in the energy sector wants to radiate openness for a new location to be built, but at the same time an acceptable level of security. DutchRisk advised successfully.
Security advies 4
Feasibility study central control room
A large logistics service provider is considering a central control room. Controlling all security functions (people and technology) and investigations using video must be centralised and at a lower cost. Is that feasible? How do you substantiate such a business case to make an investment decision?
Security advies 5
Redesign Emergency Response organisation
The in-house fire brigade of a multinational organisation has to be transformed into an ER function at some non-industrial sites. At the same time, responsibility is transferred from Safety to Security. Who can guide this sensitive process with sufficient abstraction?

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