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About Erik de Vries

Erik is a versatile and experienced international security- and crisis expert.

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Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP, CPOI

Erik is director and founder of DutchRisk. He is a crisis and security management expert with a broad experience and a great deal of involvement in the field of security.

Erik started his career as a professional officer with the Royal Dutch Army. He left the army as a captain in 1994, after which he lived in Indonesia for three years and worked as general manager for a timeshare project. In 1998 Erik joined G4S, the largest private security organization in the world.

In 2011, Erik founded his own company. Through DutchRisk, he assists organizations in finding a good balance between their risks and ambitions and to prepare for crises.

In addition to his daily work, Erik is chairman of the ASIS European Board.

Over the years, he has acquired a strong position within the European security field.

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Most of all, advice is about listening. Often the solution has already been devised, but our client is struggling to articulate it well or substantiate it for decision-making. Sometimes there is a lack of support for a courageous decision or to really think 'out of the box'.

My strength lies in formulating and presenting advice in such a way that our client does gain support from their decision makers and achieves the desired results.

Crisis management

There is nothing more rewarding than writing a scenario for a crisis exercise resulting in the crisis team members (often with a red blush from effort) concluding that 'this exercise was very realistic'. And usually with the addition: 'we have to tackle this anyway'.

Security certification

As a security professional, holding a security certification such as CPP, APP, PSP, PCI or CPO, distinguishes you from others. I really enjoy setting up and teaching preparation courses for these certifications. So win-win! And a success rate of more than 85% gives even more satisfaction.

Privacy support

This is Lynn's expertise.

Diplomas and certificates

Practice what you preach! 

CPP (Certified Protection Professional)

PSP (Physical Security Professional)

CPO(I) Certified Protection Officer (Instructor)

Certificate VOL-VCA (Dutch Safety Certification)

Lead auditor ISO 28000 (Supply chain security)

Head of Emergency Response

OCOSD (Training for Special Services Officer in the Royal Dutch Army)

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Crisis management training and advice

Strategic security advice

Security training

Security certification

Coaching of security managers

My approach?

Tenacious and sometimes stubborn

Creates support through conviction

Motivational trainer

Realistic and catchy crisis scenarios

Strategic – details are for later

Actions rather than words...


DutchRisk: Director and founder.

G4S: Executive Advisor G4S Risk Advisory, Risk Manager, Operational Manager Detention Centres, Manager Control Room, District Manager.

Bali timesharing project, Jakarta, Indonesia: General Manager.

Officier Koninklijke Landmacht: Hoofd Communicatie & Voorlichting, Hoofd sectie Interne Controle, 41 Pantserbrigade/41 Lichte brigade, Seedorf, Duitsland en Mentor officiersopleiding.

Extracurricular activities

Voorzitter ASIS European Regional Board of Directors

Vice-Chairman Crisis Management & Business Continuity community ASIS

LOI beroepenveld commissie Bestuur & Recht (Hbo Securitymanagement)

Hoofddocent Veiligheid van Euroforum/SBO (Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid)

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